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Senior Citizens Clinics

10% off on consultations and medication every Tuesday where slots are available. Repeat prescriptions and food are exempt.

Clients will have to bring pension book/card as proof of status, and must be the owner of the pet(s). Not for insured procedures.

N.B. No ID - no discounts.

Mercia Veterinary Surgery reserves the right to make changes or withdraw this offer at any time without notice For further details phone reception on 01827 54343

Free Weight Clinics

With recent studies showing up to 30% of all British pets are obese, its time to start thinking about the waistlines of our furry friends.

We at Mercia Vets would like to help by offering FREE weight clinics to all the animals in our care.

Just ask at reception for an appointment for an informal, non-obligatory discussion about your pet's weight problems.

With good quality dietary advice which doesn't involve just simply saying "feed your pet less", we can individually tailor a weight loss plan, alongside regular weigh in sessions, which fit in with you and your pet's lifestyle getting great results that can last.

Free Dental Clinics

Can't stand getting a big kiss from your dog? Turn away when your cat comes close? If bad breath is getting in the way of your relationship with your pet, its time to start doing something about it.

We at Mercia Vets believe dental health is of paramount importance but is often overlooked. We now offer FREE dental health checks for all our animals, including dogs, cats and bunnies, whether they have a gleaming Hollywood smile or breath that would turn the strongest of stomachs.

Alongside a thorough tooth and gum examination of your pet, you will receive a lot of advice and help with the future care of your pets teeth. Just ask at reception for your free appointment.